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Kung-Fu Fighting 1.0 26/06/08 Trial version English
  • Windows CE 3.0

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Rescue your girlfriend in this martial arts fighting game

James Thornton

  • Well rendered background graphics
  • Smooth animation
  • Fiddly controls
  • Quite repetitive
  • Lacks many real Kung-Fu moves
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You are the only living pupil of the late Kung-Fu master Kong Chen. After refusing an assignment by the Kai-Chiang family, they have cowardly kidnapped your girl friend. The Kai-Chiang family cannot be trusted, and therefore your choices are limited. If you ever want to see your girlfriend again, you will have to free her yourself.

Rescuing her out of the hands of the Kai-Chiang won't be easy. You will have to fight your way down from the roof to the caves below the mansion, dodging countless enemies and traps. At the end of each of the six floors you must defeat one of the Kai-Chain bosses. Each boss has extraordinary powers and you will need all your martial arts skill to conquer him! After each level you participate in a bonus game to gather extra points and perhaps even an an extra life!

It is all up to you, whether your girl friend lives or dies... So get your "Ying and Yang" together, find your "Chi" and go rescue her!

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